Smart Phone Myths

Hello world. Do you know what will i write?? That’s a most useful for android phone users. Do you know we are using android smart phone with wrong method. Some method are right but some method are wrong. Today we will discuss what is the wrong and right. Charging android smart phone. Smart phone have […]

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18+ apps

18+ Android apps

At present, there are millions of Android apps available in the Play Store. You will easily find a tone of different apps which differ in their category. The Android Play Store is updated daily, and thousands of apps are added to it on a daily basis. Android developers from all around the world take part […]

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best paid android games

Best Paid Android Games

If you are a game lover, you must know the names of best games for your Android phone. Just like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, thousands of games are available on the Play Store which you can install and play on your android phone. You will find a lot of free games in the Store and […]

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Install Any Android Apps And Games To Your Computer

Hello gondroid friends. Today apps friday 2nd post. A lot of my fans asked, “how to get android from laptop or desktop”. The reasons are they can’t play good 3D games in thier’s android phone. At the same time,they can’t work with good apps. Their android phones are not good perform. But if they get […]

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Oreo battery life

Android Oreo Battery Life

Android Oreo has finally launched in the market will plenty of new features and system improvements. Everyone is talking about android 8 and its great features. Besides the fantastic features and system improvements, a lot of people reported about some issues in android 8. These issues were broken Bluetooth and battery drain. Google has introduced […]

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Whatsapp Secrets

Whatsapp is a most popular social media application. It was famous soon because it have a lite design and many service added it. 1 billion people downloaded this application. Whatsapp has a 4.4 rate now. Whatsapp has a lot of secrets. Some we know some we don’t know meanwhile. Don’t worry about it. I will […]

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Vizio TV remote control app for Android

Vizio is an electronics company that supplies consumer electronics in America and the surrounded regions. It is best known for its HDTVs. Vizio’s HD TVs are considered best in the market. The reason is their excellent quality, fantastic durability and best affordable price. That’s why the demand for Vizio TVs is getting higher and higher […]

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2 Player Android Games

In the world of gaming, there are two major types of games including single player games and multiplayer games. Multiplayer games are more popular as compared to single player games. There are many reasons for this like multiplayer gaming is more fun than single player, and you can play multiplayer with people from across the […]

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Top 5 Shopping Apps Like Wish

Today, technology is used in our daily lives. It is involved in each and every field of our lives. We cannot live without technology including all the things we have invented till yet. Just like other fields of life, technology has made shopping very easy for us. Now we don’t necessarily need to go out […]

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