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18+ Android apps

At present, there are millions of Android apps available in the Play Store. You will easily find a tone of different apps which differ in their category. The Android Play Store is updated daily, and thousands of apps are added to it on a daily basis. Android developers from all around the world take part in this competition and add new apps in the Play store. The most commonly used apps and games are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, and several different games. Google has added a category section in the Play Store which allows the users to find a specific type of game or app without searching from a list of millions of apps. Just like categories, you will find the section of content rating in the Play Store. This section helps you to find an app according to your content rating. For example, you are looking a game for your child and you don’t want it to cross over the age of 12 years. You can see the content rating of that app to confirm whether it would be suitable for your child or not. Similarly, you can see a list of apps and games for a specific content rating. This will not only give you apps list but will also save your time.
Just like some other categories, you can download and install some 18+ apps on your Android phone. These apps have the content rating of 18 years or above and you can only install them after confirming your age. The google account associated with your Play Store will check whether your age is over 18 or not. It will then verify your phone and you would be able to install that app on your phone. These apps mostly include dating apps and a few other types. If you are looking for some 18+ apps, have a look at the mentioned apps below.


LOVOO is an 18+ social app for your Android phones and tablets. This app can be used to make new friends. If you are a single person and looking for someone special in your life, this app could save your life. It is one of the most popular dating apps on the internet. It is very famous due to its cool features and reality. Every day, hundreds of people make accounts on this platform to find and meet new people. The best thing about this app is its working way. You can easily find new people around you and can meet them in real life. This app allows you to find the best person according to your nature. It also gives you the opportunity to talk to that person via text messages. Every month, more than 420 million messages are sent and received. This huge amount says that this platform could give you a real-life partner. This app is widely used all across the world including all countries residents. So, if you are bored with your daily routine or you are alone in your life, LOVOO app is waiting for you.


Tinder is another excellent app while it comes to meeting new people. It works very similar to the previous app. At present, this app has millions of users. You can easily find new people around you. You can select the age and color and this app will give you the best match. After making a perfect match, you would be able to chat with that person. It is a fascinating experience as you talk to some new people and meet them in real life. This app has more than 20 billion people who are waiting for a perfect match in all countries. So, if you are ready to make a pair with someone, get the Tinder app from the Play Store and have great fun. There is also a PLUS version of this app which gives you some additional features.

High School Simulator 2017

High School Simulator 2017 is an 18+ Android app on the Play Store. This app is all about controlling a high school student which is a very unusual experience. If you are a student or frequently get some free time in your daily routine, you can get this app. It is an addictive game that will make you fall in love with it. You will have to control high school students in this app. You can perform different actions, you can explore the vast world of high school and you can beat other students. So, if you are looking for an 18+ casual game, consider High School Simulator 2017.


SKOUT is a chat and meet application for your mobile phone. You can use this app to get new friends. This social 18+ app will never let you bore in any situation. It doesn’t matter you are at work or traveling to another city, this app will always give you a perfect match. It uses the criteria, that you set, to find a partner for you. After that, you could chat with that person in the chat. You can transfer text messages, photos and videos in this app which is an incredible experience. The best thing about this app is its low price. You can get this app for free from the Play Store. However, there are remarkable in-app purchases that you can use to purchase an item in SKOUT app.

How to use 18+ apps and games

The 18+ games can be used just like you use other content rated apps on your mobile phone. All you need is using a Google account on your smartphone. The Play Store will verify your age and will allow you to install any type of apps and games on your phone. It also includes the 18+ games and apps like mentioned above. These apps are used in almost every country around the world.


Whether you are free after work or you are on a long-term vacation, you need a perfect Android app to pass the time. There are some apps that you can use on your smartphone including 18+ apps. If you are looking for some new friends, you can try one of the above-mentioned apps on your smartphone.

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