Oreo battery life

Android Oreo Battery Life

Android Oreo has finally launched in the market will plenty of new features and system improvements. Everyone is talking about android 8 and its great features. Besides the fantastic features and system improvements, a lot of people reported about some issues in android 8. These issues were broken Bluetooth and battery drain. Google has introduced a lot of apps and software tools with the new operating system. These apps take too much of your mobile’s battery which results in battery draining. This is not a comfortable experience as you won’t be able to enjoy the new features on your mobile phone if it is draining battery like a beast. So today we will talk about android Oreo battery life in details. We are going to tell you how android Oreo drains the battery and what should you do in order to take control of your mobile phone.
First of all, you must keep in in mind that the battery timings depend on how you use your mobile phone. You can also consider the main features that are taking too much of battery like a lot of background apps, too much brightness all the time and nonstop multitasking. If you have recently updated your mobile phone to android Oreo and are facing android Oreo battery drain problems, we will help you. We will tell you some steps in detail of how you can improve the battery life of the phone with android Oreo.

Why your phone is draining the battery?

First of all, you will have to find out the main reasons for battery drain. You will have to keep an eye on all the factors that are taking your battery down. Now the question is how you will find those factors and features. Well, don’t worry about that. We are here to assist you. Whenever there is a new OS release, there are some battery and system problems. Later on, they are solved until a new OS version comes. The most common reason for battery draining in mobile phones is background apps. We know we can run hundreds of apps on our Android phone at the same time. This is a cool feature and allows us to work on different projects. However, it may be the reason for your bad battery timings. Basically, when you run a lot of apps on your phone and don’t close them, they continuously use the battery until you close them from task manager or by force closing them. It doesn’t mean that you close each and every app you run on your mobile phone. That’s surely not a good idea. What we mean by that is you will have to take care what is running on your mobile’s background. If you want your android Oreo battery improvement, you will have to close all the unnecessary apps running in the background. If you are not satisfied with your battery, you can restart your device, but that rarely works as it is a problem regarding software and features.

How to improve your battery life?

Now if you are not satisfied with the battery life of your phone, you can use some tips and tricks to improve it. Here are some items you can do to complete this job.

1) Using battery saver

The first and most comfortable method is using a battery saver. It is helpful for any type of android version. However, we are talking about latest android Oreo. There are several hundred battery savers available on the Play Store that you can install on your android device. The best thing about these battery savers is they do all the work themselves. You don’t have to close apps, manage storage and adjust the system performance to maintain the battery life. You can run a battery saver action which will close all the unnecessary apps and software tools to save the battery life. You can also enable battery saver on all the day use. It means your mobile will automatically save battery if the battery saver is turned on.

2) Managing your apps

The second method is managing the android apps. If you are suffering from android Oreo battery drain problems, have a look at all the apps you are running on your phone. What we mean by this is you can firstly uninstall all the unnecessary apps. Secondly, while working with a particular app, close other apps running in the background. The best thing about this step is you will get an extra feature from android Oreo. Android Oreo can tell you which app on your phone is taking too much of your battery. You can look at your battery saver screen with the app name. So, if you close that app, the battery life will undoubtedly increase. Keep in mind that some system apps are running in the background. Closing them can cause some problems to your system. So always close the apps and software tools that are installed later on your android system.

3) Adjusting background limits

Another way achieve android Oreo battery improvement is adjusting the background limits. In android Oreo, you can force the background limits of an app. It means that app won’t cross the particular use of your phone’s resources. This will not only increase the battery life but will save memory for other apps and software tools.
Google has introduced some battery improvements, but there are still some issues with the battery life of android Oreo. The talk time battery life of android Oreo is better than the previous versions. Similarly, you can enjoy a better timing while using Wi-Fi or on a video call. But it entirely depends on your usage. You will get a battery life according to your battery usage, the performance of your device and battery saving compatibility of your phone.


Android Oreo is the new version which is recently released in the android market. It has a plenty of new features to talk about. However, people are not happy with its battery system. Most of the Oreo users have suffered from a bad battery life which is an extremely uncomfortable experience. However, if you use the tips mentioned above, you will get a better battery life for regular use.

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