instagram tricks and tipps

Instagram Tips And Tricks

Instagram is a 2nd popular social media network. Do you know most popular nu1 social media network?? As i think you know about it. It is facebook. Okey now let’s we find some information in instagram.

Instagram have 500 million active users. This is a famous social media network,coze this app use is very simple. We can get,upload or edit photos quickly. This app have photo editing tools,therefore we not want a 3rd party photo editing app. The other matter, Facebook, Twitter have web link like spam text. But instagram haven’t. We can’t add more websites in our instagram account. We can only add 1 web url in our instagram account. Therefore we can get social media experience without spams. We can follow chanels what we like.

How to install

Okey lets we can look how this is install. You can get your phone and log in your play store. After that you search Instagram. You can see this icon. After click install you can see downloading it. As i think most people are install and create account by now. But don’t worry i will Say it.

Create a account

After you install it,you can open it. Now you can see log in and sign up. If you have already account, you can type password and username. After That you can log in your already account. If you haven’t already account, you can follow this steps.

First you can touch sign up icon. After that you can see you want type your details. Like username, email address and password. If you can you can log via, your facebook account.

As i think now you filled form and created your account.

Now you can see Post , followers , following on your top bar. Now we discuss what are the followers,following,post..

Post- post is a our work. We added some photo, then our post count up.

Ex-; think we added 2 photos in instagram, after that you can see out post count was up 2 counts. As i think now you can know what is the post.

Followers- if you click in followers icon, you can see who follow you.

Ex-; after someone follow you, you can see he or she is in a followers category.

Following- after you click following icon, you can see you following people.

Ex-; think you followed your family member. He is in your following category.

As i think now you can know some information in what is on your top bar.

If you not understand yet please look video in down.

Add a photo

Okey now we discuss how to add photos. First you click plus icon on your down bar. After that you can see your gallery open automatically. You can see photo in down bar, if you click it, you can get selfie photos and other photos. You can get and upload it quickly. You can see video in otherside. You can click it and video some you function and upload instagram quickly.

If you click some photos in your gallery and click it to upload. Now you can see you can crop your photo and you can took some effect in it. Can can edit your photos without 3rd party application. You can upload 10 photos a in once time after click multiple.


Most people are not use that feature. What is the story. If you post some story your instagram followers can see it. After 24 hours your story delete automatically. After 24 hours you can’t see it again.

If you want look someone story. First you go his or her profile. After That you click his profile picture. If you can see his or her profile picture with red circle. He or she upload some story.

Do you know upload some story?? Okey let’s we discuss how we add some story..

First you want to go your home and you can see camera icon in your top bar. After you click it now you ready to add some story. At the same time you can edit your story. You Can add some text ,drawing,colors any items in your story. As i think you can only upload camera photos in your gallery. You are wrong. You can upload your gallery photos,what you get the last 24 hours.

Save your upload photos in your phone gallery

If your upload any post or any story,your editing photo not save your phone story. It saved you instagram story. If you want to see your editing photo you have to go your instagram account and see it. It is a not good idea. If you can save upload photos in your instagram account it is good.don’t worry about it. Now we discuss how to save your photos in your phone gallery.

First you want to click 3 dots in top bar right corner. After that you can see mane. You search setting and go it. After that you can see Save original photos and Save video after posting. You want enable it. After that you can see save your post and story in your phone gallery.

How to get most followers quickly

All accounters want to popular their account quickly. They always asked how to get most followers quickly. I will write a post soon about it. Now i will explain normally how to edit grow your followers quickly. You can tag hash tag with your upload photos.  After your tag with hash tag your photo collect to that hashtag collection.

Ex; think we upload a samsung note 8 phone. We will write hashtag  #samsung note 8. After your tag it. Your photos collect world samsung note 8 all photos. After that song people will come and see samsung note 8 photos. If they will look and they like your photo.

Save others photos.

Instagram not gave that service. You can instagram photos direct.but you can use third party application and download those are. At the same time you can took screenshot and crop photo. Those are ways to save photos. You can save photo in your instagram account. After you save photos,you can see those are other days.


Okey. as i thin now you get some information about instagram. You know more information about instagram please comment those are in comment box. If you think this is want to your friends,please share. If you like my website you can follow me via instagram,twitter,facebook. We will meet again with like this post

If you want more information about instagram, please watch this video.

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