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Low Storage Space In Your Android Fix

Hello after long time.. Today i am posting a very valuable post.

First please tell how many storage in your android phone?? 8GB , 16GB??  Is it enough for you. As i think it is not enough. Always it is over. We can’t add any new data for it,because our storage is over. Okay. Today i write about answer for it. Let’s discuss about it.

If you got your phone before 2 years or 3 years,it have a 8GB or 16GB internal memory. Some time it is not enough for you. Some time you can add SD card for your android phone. But you can’t use it always. Because some time you must use your internal memory. You can’t install app in your SD card direct. Some time display some errors.

Now i will tell some tricks for how to free your storage. I will tell how your use SD card for your internal memory and install apps direct via play store.  Okay let’s we talk what are the most using tricks.

First you can you storage option in your phone. Go storage and after that click device maintenance. After that you can see how about your storage running . You can get some information about your storage via that. How many storage using for your photos , audio , application , etc … you can see junk file and crash files. Thoe files are not want us. You can clear that and get more storage.

You can use SD card and move apps for your SD card. As a result of it you can get more storage. But you can’t install apps in your SD card. You can move like facebook apps. Because it is get a lot of storage for running after install. It is like 500 MB.

You can you clean apps for get more storage. I will recommended for clean master app. You can download it via play storage. Click this download button and download it. They build a lite version in that app. It is have a 4MB. After this open you can see your ram and junk files. You can clean those are via this app. Okay those are basic tricks for clear your storage.

We can discuss now. How to use sd card for internal storage. For do this tricks we want to marshmallow android version. Okay let’s do it. Is have a easy steps.

First go your setting and after that click storage. After open it you can see your SD card and storage. Click SD card and now display like menu icon. Click it. After that you can see use as portable storage and use as internal storage. After click USE AS INTERNAL STORAGE now you can see format your sd card like that. After you processing it you can see your SD card become a internal storage.

Okay now you can install apps free. Okay if you think this is valuable for you please share this. An comment what you think about this. Thanks for read this. We will meet again

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