Smart Phone Myths

Hello world. Do you know what will i write?? That’s a most useful for android phone users. Do you know we are using android smart phone with wrong method. Some method are right but some method are wrong. Today we will discuss what is the wrong and right.

Charging android smart phone.

Smart phone have a lithium ion battery. However you charge this battery it is a not problem in this battery. Some people said always plug in charge is not safe for your phone. That’s a not problem coze lithium ion battery. Always plug in charge or sporadic charging are not problem for your android phone. Some people plug in whole night. They plug out it in thee morning. Some people said that’s a not safety method,but i said that is not problem for your battery or android phone. Because after your phone full charge. You phone automatically stop charging. After that your phone use it power adapter for control automatically running apps. Some people said after become battery capacity 0% we want to plug in our phone. That is a full wrong method. That is a problem for your battery. After you do it your phone battery damage. You want to charge it,your battery become a 15%-30%. I recommended it.

About android phone camera mega pixel.

Some people think if mega pixel up, photo quality up. That’s a wrong idea. You know very small sense in android smart phone. Light is a most valuable unit for photo quality. All sense are in same size. Therefore all pixel in same size sense. Some time you took photo in dark place, mega pixel low cam photo quality good that mega pixel high cam.

About android phone charger

Some people think, they must use charger what with come phone. That’s a wrong idea. If you like use fast charger you can use it. Box charger is a not high charge. It is a normally good charger for your phone. If you want to charge past, you can buy 3rd party good quality charger. Then you buy charger you want to always think it quality.

Charger adapter and charging cabel are include in phone box. Some people not care there phone cable. Phone cable is a most valuable unit for charging your phone. You can’t get past charging without good cable.

Phone apps kill

Some people said apps kill is good for their phone. If your phone ram is more than 1GB, you wasn’t to clear task manager. Because your phone have good memory manage system. After you kill apps , if you want to run that app again, your more power waste for run again that app

Software update.

Some body think software update is not want to their phone. They think after they did it , their phone will crash or software damage. Now we can search what is the software update???
Software update is most important for your phone. More features , more security , more privacy are have updates. As the same time, after you update your software your phone battery life is will become a good. Therefore software update is recommended.


Now you know what are the good myths and what are the wrong myths. As i think your friend want to know about this myths , therefore share this post for views your friend. If you know more details about myths , we can discuss those are in comment section. You can follow us on Facebook , twitter and Instagram. Thanks for read this. We will come back with new post. Waiting for it. Thanks

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