Vizio TV remote control app for Android

Vizio is an electronics company that supplies consumer electronics in America and the surrounded regions. It is best known for its HDTVs. Vizio’s HD TVs are considered best in the market. The reason is their excellent quality, fantastic durability and best affordable price. That’s why the demand for Vizio TVs is getting higher and higher from time to time. With the release of latest technology, Vizio released the software support for its TV control system. Vizio TVs come with a handy an easy to use remote control device. Yet, the new support for Android TV control is far better than the remote device. Now you can control your Vizio TV from your Smartphone. It is always a great experience of controlling your TV from your Smartphone. As you don’t have to use the remote device, it will save your time and efforts in some situations. So if you are looking for something like how to download Vizio TV remote app for Android, we will help you today.
With the release of Android support for Vizio TVs, different software companies introduced the remote control app for this TV. Some of the apps were particularly made for Vizio TV. These apps could support all the models from different series of Vizio TVs. On the other hand, some apps were universal remote control apps. In other words, they were released in the market with the support of different devices and brands. Both of the app types are helpful and you can use them to control your Vizio TV. Now you needn’t to look for your TV remote if you are willing to use it. Simply use the remote app on your android phone and get the best of it. For this purpose, you will have to use the perfect Vizio remote app for your android phone. We are going to represent some best Vizio remote app that you can directly download from the Play Store. Here are the best Vizio remote apps for Android.

Vizio SmartCast

Vizio SmartCast mobile is an amazing app that provides you total control of your Vizio TV. You can control your Vizio TV in the way you like. This app is available on the Play Store and you can get it from there. The best thing about Vizio SmartCast Mobile is you can control your TV with advanced settings. You can use the swipe controls to change the screens and channels. The controls provided in Vizio SmartCast Mobile are very simple and easy to understand. The user-friendly interface allows you to work in a convenient and easy way. Not only this, you can browse TV shows, music stuff and other entertainment things on Vizio SmartCast Mobile app. Some free stuff is also available on this app. so when you have nothing to do, you can enjoy that. It means if you are looking for the best remote control app for Vizio TV, Vizio SmartCast Mobile is perfect for you.

Remote Control for Vizio TV

If you want a perfect remote control app for your Vizio TV, you are probably looking for all the controls you have on your remote control device. When it comes to the remote app, most of the people ask how to control android Vizio TV remote app. This is because of most of the remote control apps are difficult to understand and the users cannot easily handle them. But don’t worry about Remote Control for Vizio TV app. It is one of the most used TV remote apps for Vizio TV. It comes with some amazing features like you can change channels, change the volume level and launch the applications like Netflix direct from your mobile screen. You can find all the controls of your remote device including the advanced options. So leave your Vizio TV remote and get Remote Control for Vizio TV app from Play Store right now.


VizRemote is another cool app that provides you the complete functionality of your Vizio TV remote. You can get this application from the Play Store. It is a traditional Vizio TV remote app that will let you do all the stuff on your Vizio TV from your mobile phone. It is safe, fast and runs smoothly on any android phone. The great aspect about VizRemote is you can launch different applications on your Vizio TV from VizRemote. There are some additional shortcuts in the app that are even amazing when it comes to controlling Vizio TV from a mobile phone. Moreover, the simple and easy interface will allow you to work without any difficulties. You can experience the same TV remote interface on your mobile phone using the VizRemote app.


VizControl is a remote control app for your Vizio TV. It is a smart app that provides the fast and easy connection with your TV. You can use this app to control your Vizio TV in a very smart way. You will only have to install this app on your mobile phone. The advanced mode of VizControl app is amazing as it offers you to get the best of a mobile remote control app. So if you are looking for a smart TV remote app for your Vizio TV, VizControl is best for you. You can get it from Play Store

What are differences between Vizio TV remote and Vizio TV remote app?

The Vizio TV remote comes with your Vizio TV. It is a device and you can use it whenever you want. The Vizio TV remote app is an application that acts just like the TV remote device but you can install it on your mobile phone. So you won’t have to take your remote device anymore. You could use the app to control your TV whenever needed.


If you are looking for a TV remote control app for your Vizio TV, you can easily download it from the Play Store. A lot of such apps are available on the internet that you can use to control your Vizio TV. So, suppose the details of the Vizio TV control apps mentioned above and install any of them from the Play Store.

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