Whatsapp Secrets

Whatsapp is a most popular social media application. It was famous soon because it have a lite design and many service added it. 1 billion people downloaded this application. Whatsapp has a 4.4 rate now. Whatsapp has a lot of secrets. Some we know some we don’t know meanwhile. Don’t worry about it. I will teach all secrets.

Whatsapp for pc

You can download whatsapp application for our mobile drives. Now we can download it for our pc sure enough. Whatsapp team gave this ease to us. Yes now we can look how we install that application for our pc. Now i will advance it step by step.

  • Click here and get QR code for your pc
  • Now you OPEN whatsapp application in your phone.
  • Then you go MENU and select WHATSAPPSWEB. Now you can see camera.
  • After that you scan QR code in camera
  • Now you can see your whatsapp profile in your pc. You can chat like your phone. Try it and get speed chats.

Whatsapp font change

Whatsapp have a one font type. After you read this article,you can get 5 font for your whatsapp application.

Bold your letters

You type * symbol in word forward and word backward. After that you can see bold word.
Ex: *Gondroid*

 Italic your letters

You have to do same thing. Type _symbol forward and backward.
Ex: _Gondroid_

Cut your letters

This is a nice font. We can type and cut over word. Type ~ symbol forward and backward.
Ex: ~Gondroid~

Change font type

You can change font type in whatsapp application. This font type is cool. Type ` symbol 3 times forward and backward.
Ex: “`Gondroid“`

Save post

You saw valuable post in whatsapp group,but you haven’t time to read this. What do you do that??? Do you leave that post. Don’t do this. I will give answer for it. If you saw valuable post,hold that post. After that select star mark in top bar. Now your post was start. You can see it. Select the menu and click starred messages. After that you can see your starred messages.

Create shortcut your favourite contact

This is a good confidant in whatsapp. If we use this,we can chat fast with our favourite persones. Mow we can see how do this. First select a your favourite contact. After that click menu select more. Now you can see some words. You select the add shortcut and look your desktop. You can see your favourite contact shortcut there. This is a easy way to chat fast with your friend.

Pin your contact

This is a another way to chat fast. If you pin your favourite contact,that contact become a top contact among another contact. You can use this and enjoy with your friend. Now we can look,how pin our favourite contact. I will advance it step by step. First you hold your favourite contact after that you can see symbols in top bar. Now you select pin symbol in top bar. After you do it,you can see your favourite contact in top. This is a easy way.


I explained 5 secrets in whatsapp application. Some people know about those are. They will comment what do you think about this post. That’s a most valuable. Don’t care about my mistakes.we will meet next monday with another android application.thanks for read this.

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